Sunday, July 24, 2011

A house full of memories

This is the house that i grew up in. I could take thousands of pictures of details from my mom's & dad's house, really. It is full with stuff that they both gathered or bought through the years. My mom loves everything that is old. You can tell that. She adores old family pictures. But not fake ones. These are all showing our grand-grandparents & family. She loves silver things (which i hate!), broderie and bottles. As much as this house is not.."our style" we all love it and miss it when away. It's the easiest thing to make a "modern house" but the hardest thing is to make a warm, house that combines old, vintage and modern stuff. That's what i say. Take a look.

Ice Cream Joy

oh come on! Don't tell me that when you were little, the only reason you ate THAT particular cup of ice cream was for the great taste of it!?!?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Summer Vacations

Someone is on vacations, and yes that is me. Well, we actually came to stay in my hometown for as long as we can. 

That means rest for me, playtime for Mel and absolute happiness for Granpa & Grandma.

Oh! we also took our personal photographer with us (aka our Daddy). Man, he is soooo obsessed with photographing Mel...(look who's talking now).

Monday, July 4, 2011

You 've been sticker-ized too Luppo!

- Now Luppo, this is my favorite book with the stickers. Let me show you...

- Oh there they are! See?? lots & lots of stickers

- Do you want me to put some stickers on you Luppo????

- Oh yeeesss, this is a nice one. This one will look great on you!

"OH DEAR..."